Battery storage market research:

We have developed a two-fold market research expertise on electricity storage technologies and their applications :

  • Type of storage : primary batteries, secondary batteries, super capacitors, etc.
  • Size: Thin-Film or Micro-batteries (uWh) up to macro-batteries (MWh)
  • All chemistries : Lithium (and its different chemistries: NMC, NCA, LFP, LCO, solid state, etc.), Lead Acid, NiMH, NiCd, Flow Batteries or "RedOx", ZnAir (Zinc Air), NaS (Sodium), etc.
  • From materials (cathode, anode, eelectrolyte) to battery sub-system (Battery Management System) to system (with Power Conversion, Energy Management System, distribution, etc.)

Our main focus is on electro-chemical batteries but we are also active in inertial energy storage (e.g. Flywheel) or heat storage (e.g. Phase Change Material) or others (e.g. Compressed Air, etc.).

We execute market research around technological innovation but also help on operational marketing or innovation marketing (identifying proprer target markets, go to market, partnerships, etc.).

By taking into account both technical and economical aspects and the end-user needs, we match technologies to the proprer market. To know more about what we do, check Innovation Marketing or Operational Marketing.

Finally, we maintain a regular market watch on this industry: technological trends, actors, pilot projects, plants ramp-up. This has allowed us to consolidate a complete database about battery actors (contact us for more details)