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Infinergia has been studying the electrochemical storage and battery industry for more than 10 years.

We maintain regular monitoring of the industry throughout its value chain: from materials such as lithium to battery rental services. We interact with all the associated players: research, technology start-ups, large groups & service companies. We cover all battery chemistry: lead, NiMH, Lithium of course and its variants and new chemistry such as Zinc-Air, Sodium-Nickel, Sodium Sulfide or oxidation-reduction or "RedOx" batteries.

By understanding both the technical, economic & related markets, we link innovations to their different markets (niche or mass) to facilitate their market access.

We also maintain a database of electrochemical battery actors worldwide on all battery chemistry throughout the value chain (database not open for marketing but usable in the context of missions).

Finally, beyond the electrochemical aspects, we can also act on mechanical storage (flywheels), energy storage including heat storage (e. g. via materials with MCP phase change or others...).

See this page for the services we offer on batteries & emerging energy storage technologies.

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