Custom market research:

We are familiar with all types of industrial market surveys. We formalize a specification once we have had a detailed discussion with our customer. We practise desk research and specialized interviews on both technical and economical domains in our target markets. We also capitalize on an extensive network of contacts. Geographical coverage is a key point to get a global picture. Our research takes into consideration the globalisation of demand and offer on international markets: Europe/EMEA, Asia and Americas.

Finally, the results of our surveys aim to be directly operational and usable by our customers. We're also proud to have our work being directly exploited and capitalized upon.

Here are the main types of market survey we practise:

  • Quantitative market survey (market or segment quantification, etc).
  • Qualitative market survey (interview campaigns targeting industrial or technical audience, needs & usage assessment, product interest validation)
  • Technical & Economical competition benchmark
  • Technology & Market state of the art study, segmenting
  • Industry wide actors mapping
  • Application research for an innovation: for example R&D results transferability to industrial partners.