Innovation & Product Marketing :

It's too often assumed that as the innovation is technically performant that it will be easily accepted by the market. It's in fact rarely the case and a lot of energy is hereby wasted.

We're proposing two approaches for this problem:

  1. Study and define the market adoption process for the innovation
  2. Define the product mix to properly position the product and communicate efficiently around the innovation.

Thanks to our technical background, we communicate easily with technical teams and can get acquainted with the context faster. This also allows us to be efficient into our market analysis and actions by taking into account the technical aspects and product characteristics (a.k.a. "Technical Marketing).

Among our capabilities, we can mention:

  • Product benchmarking: multiple criteria and matrix based analysis. 
  • Product technical communication: full product promotion plan, media and type of promotion selection, key messages, content advices, collateral marketing supports, etc. 
  • Product sales pitch construction, product documentation from engineering or design technical data