Clean electricity is an area that has tremendously developped over the past 15 years. We are specialized in marketing clean electricity technologies such as photovoltaic (PV).

We study the markets of photovoltaic and maintain a regular market watch on the industry and its actors, around the world. This industry is paving the way of the clean electricity mutation due to its size and long history. We also monitor R&D labs and innovations, which helps us to understand where the market is heading and what is the maturity stage of these innovations.

The results of this work can be witnessed into 2 databases: "3G-PV" and "Indus-PV" as described below:

3rd Gen. Photovoltaic Technology Actors Database "3G-PV"

This database includes both companies and R&D centers focusing on 3rd Generation PV: Organic PhotoVoltaic (OPV), Dye Sensitiezed Solar Cells (DSSC) and Perokskite Solar Cells. We include both R&D Labs, material providers (dye, TiO2, electrolyte, electrode, etc.), cell manufacturers and module integrators.

We provide the following key information on each company: main job, product category, technology,  volumes, market segments and financial information. Every data is double checked and up-to-date. It currently covers over 74 industrial companies and 94 R&D centers.

Details on data provided for companies:

  • Creation date, HQ Location, Value Chain position, Number of employees (or estimation), Internet site and contact information
  • Activity details: material, cell/module, complete system, details of the offering
  • Optional information: turnover estimation, production capacity, main markets adressed.

Details on data provided for R&D centers:

  • Details on the lab: university, team, location, internet site, main contacts
  • Activity details: material, cell/module, complete system
  • Evaluation of laboratory impact on the related technology (major, medium or minor involvement)

It's a practical tool provided as Excel file which allows fast and efficient way to identify and caracterize industry actors. It can be used for business development, benchmarking or partner search.

Click on the icon below to download a brochure of the 3G-PV database:

Photovoltaic Components: "Indus-PV" database

This database contains data about world manufacturers of solar cells and modules. It includes:

  • Product: cell or module or both
  • Technology sub-category (amorphous Silicon, mono/multi crystalline Si, Thin-film (CdTe, CIS/CIGS), multi-junction, concentration/CPV, 3G solar cells: DSSC (dye-sensitized solar cells) and Organic PV/OPV).
  • Production & Capacity data by factory & year 
  • Corporate data (location, year of foundation, sales, employees, etc.)
  • Company contact names (technical or economical management, buyers, etc.).

Main benefits of these databases:

  • Quick & efficient tool to know & contact your target audience.
  • Multiple sorting capabilities (by country, segment, size, production data, etc) 
  • It's the right tool to unfold a business plan: survey, sell, buy or partner!

For more information about this database, please contact us.

Photovoltaic Systems:

  • Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems & Off-grid Systems (solar lighting, telecom infrastructure, SCADA, etc.)
  • Power conversion, chargers & battery technologies
  • Hybrid systems (PV-Diesel, PV-Fuel Cell, etc.)

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