Off-grid Market Watch services

As market analysts, Infinergia is committed to the study the evolutions of the Off-Grid market and what creates value for the industry. This include the tenders issues on this topic.

Premium account:

Premium account holders can access tenders and/or small ("micro") market studies on the off-grid market.

1. Off-grid solar tenders: Infinergia retrieves and selects only the most relevant tenders on off-grid photovoltaic applications, on a worldwide basis. As premium subscriber, you will receive the full list of tenders and associated documents. We provide details on who issues the tender, the location, the content, the deadline to answer and extra details (original tender document). We send this information on weekly basis, in English language.

Here are some examples of the tenders we gather:

  • PAKISTAN : supply & installation of 4 500 solar solutions for off-grid schools by Government of Punjab
  • ZAMBIA : solar systems for 600 rural health posts by USAID & Power Africa
  • INDIA : supply & maintenance of approximately 500 portable SHSs by Conservator of Forests
  • PHILIPPINES : supply of 500 portable solar lighting packs by Bureau of Fisheries
  • SENEGAL : supply of 142 hybrid micro-grids, 460 solar home systems and 78 solar street-lights by UNDP

Download examples :

2. Micro-Market Studies (MMS): these are quick market surveys or reports of a few pages (4 to 6 pages) which contain an application market summary with our analysis as well as quantitative data. Naturally, we capitalize on our know-how and experience of this market in this analysis. Our MMS can include:


Annual subscriptions.

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