Our publications and articles

You can find here some of our analysis on hydrogen energy industry.

Our publicationHydrogen refueling station: a market ready to ramp up!s deals with the challenges and new opporutinities relative to its industry with strategic analysis (value chain analysis, benchmarking, trends,... ).

April 2019 - Mass production of hydrogen from electrolysis by A. CHALAUX

July 2018 - Hydrogen refueling station: a market ready to ramp up! by A. CHALAUX

February 2017 - Why fuel cell manufacturers are interested in the Indian Telecom market? by P. LOYER

May 2016 - Hannover Messe 2016 Report, focus on fuel cells & hydrogen by P. LOYER

February 2016 - TopSoe Fuel Cell stopped Solid Oxyde Fuel Cell development by P. LOYER

April 2015 - Hannover Messe 2015  Report, focus on fuel cells by P. LOYER

February 2015 - Micro Fuel Cells - The Reasons behind Kraftwerk's success on Kickstarter by P. LOYER.