Industry actors database: "Indus-H2"

Database scope

The « Indus-H2 » database is a list of over 450 companies active along the hydrogen energy industry value chain. 

It describes more than 330 companies in the fuel cell value chain, from materials (powders, electrolyte, catalyst, etc.), to components (membrane, interconnects, bipolar plates, etc.), subsystems (stack, compressor, power elec) and ultimately to full fuel cell systems.

It also describes more than 100 manufacturers of hydrogen productions technologies and over 75 manufacturers of hydrogen storage components.

It now incudes 60 manufacturers of critical components or turnkey solutions for hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles.

We provide for each company details on main activity, technologies used, target markets and key economic information.


This tool allows you to quickly identify key players in the fuel cell industry and their position on the value chain. It’s valuable for benchmarking, partner research, or prospection purpose.

Database content for each company

  • Fact sheet: location, creation date, size, website
  • Company activity: material producer (catalyst, electrolyte, etc.), component manufacturer (bipolar plate, MEA, electrode), sub-system (stack, compressor, power electronics, etc.), up to full system
  • Technologies  addressed:
    • Fuel cell:  SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell), PEMFC (Proton Exchange   Membrane Fuel Cell), PAFC (Phosphoric acid fuel cell), DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell), and others
    • Storage: liquid, gas, solid
    • H2 Production: Electrolysers (Alcalin, PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane), SOEC (Solid Oxyde Electrolyser Cell)), gas reformer, partial oxydation and others
  • Target markets: portable, transportation, stationary (small and large power)

More information

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