Hydrogen Energy and Fuel cells market research

We have developed a two-fold market research expertise on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and their applications.

We have listed the different technologies and actors all over the hydrogen value chain: from production, storage to fuel cell systems.


We study the market of Hydrogen Energy and fuel cells for both stationary (residential, back-up power, large stationary…), portable (consumer electronics) and mobility applications (car, forklifts,…).

We maintain a regular market watch on Hydrogen technologies (storage, electrolyser and fuelcell) around the world and over all its actors. We take also part in major events on this industry. We also monitor R&D labs and innovations, which helps us to understand where the market is heading and what is the maturity stage of these innovations.

You can learn more about our work by checking details of our hydrogen database "Indus-H2" and our publications.