Sub-watt Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Report

Infinergia has released early 2016 its 2nd and updated version of its research on Thermal Energy Harvesting market.

It's a complete market research work focused on Low Power Electric Generators (< 1 Watt) powered by Thermoelectricity. We study both the Industry & all the Applications. We define this market as "Sub-Watt thermoelectric" energy harvesting.

The market analysis is a compilation of 110 slides on the industry (Thermoelectric Transducer and Storage Solution manufacturers), screening usage among 300 applications and focusing on the 12 hottest over 5 segments: Infrastructure & Building, Industry & Profesionnal, Transportation, Consumer and Medical. The highest potential applications are then quantified in terms of volume over the next 5 years (up to 2020). Reports covers 70 manufacturers (TEG & storage) and 109 OEMs (system integrators).

We conclude the study with a summary of actors enabling this industry (e.g. design houses focused on the domain) and list of relevant events.

More about Energy "Harvesting" or "Scavenging":  the goal of energy harvesting is to supply electricity to electronic or electric systems from one or several forms of available energy from the ambient environment instead of using disposable batteries or a connection to the electricity grid. For this very reason, this domain is also called "Green" or "Clean" Energy Harvesting. The sources of energy can be: light or solar (photovoltaic), thermal (thermoelectricity), movements (kinetic) or even radio-frequencies (RF).

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Low Power Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Report

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Introduction to the report:

Sub-Watt Energy Harvesting is approaching mainstream thanks to technological advances and convergence with ultra low power microelectronics and wireless transmission systems. Global trends towards such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) offer the framework and backbone for better energy efficiency and overall resource efficiency through pervasive sensor based information about virtually any thing and any environment. Battery maintenance, however, will often prohibit deliberate deployment of sensors embedded in then ‘intelligent things’. Temperature differences are almost as pervasive as useful sensing opportunities, so harvesting energy from this omnipresent source is offering a solution to  the battery problem.

We will introduce the offer (TEG & storage industry analysis) and study its adoption per segment and application. We identified a total of 12 promising applications in the 5 main segments under study and qualified and quantified each of them until the year 2020.

In this work we will answer the following questions: 

  • What are the different TEG technologies, who are the main actors and what is their level of maturity? 
  • What are the different storage technologies, who are the main actors and what is their level of maturity? 
  • For each segment, what are the most promising applications for sub-watt TEG & what is the segment’s environment.
  • For each of the most promising applications per segment, what are the drivers/restraints, who are the early end customers and OEMs and what are the forecasted serviceable market quantities?
  • Finally, we’ll conclude by analyzing third parties (design houses) that can contribute to the adoption of sub-watt TEG technologies and the main business networking (events) opportunities by segment.

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Energy Harvesting Industry Report

Infinergia published in April 2013 an extensive study on the energy harvesting industry, focused on the technologies of thermoelectricity, kinetic energy harvesting and radio frequency energy harvesting. It includes a regional and actor analysis. It also reviews the different technologies according to their maturity status.

Download the teaser of the report

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Download the table of contents of the report


Conferences and Events

We also regularly participate to conferences and events on this topic, contact us for more information.

Article on the insolvency of the Thin Film Thermoelectric Generators pioneer Micropelt (August 2016).

Last presentation in PACO Conference, October 2013: presented file.

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