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Infinergia published in 2013, this 50-page report reviews the industry of energy recovery from movements (e. g. piezoelectricity), temperature differences: thermoelectricity and radiofrequencies.

It describes the technologies in depth, the players by region and by level of the value chain and by maturity, goes into details of price and performance and finally describes the main application markets.

Among the key data in the report:

  • A database of industrial supply: 144 companies and 71 research centres around the world
  • Identification of actors by regional area and technology
  • Characterization of industrial and commercial maturity levels by actor

It describes the different technologies in these 3 fields and characterizes the maturity levels in technological maturity level or "TRL".

It also analyses actors in 3 regions of the world: Europe, America, Asia and characterizes associated ecosystems, including research for example.

Then it analyses the value chain and maps the players by domain, technology & maturity.

We also provide technical and economic benchmarking on 3 of the main technologies in these 3 areas.

Finally, we analyse the development strategies in these areas and list the main market applications we have identified.

OEM integrator: this report allowed us to study the entire technological offer both geographically and industrially. This has helped us to define our development priorities.


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