Our references

We execute around 25 missions per year for customers in photovoltaic, green tech or semiconductor industries. Our customers are manufacturers, service providers or institutions. Company size vary from start-up, SME up to international corporations such as Air Liquide, CBC Group Japan, Meggit, Mersen Electrical Power, Schneider Electric, Soitec, SunPower, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Total, etc.


Customers testimonials

You'll find below some feedbacks on Infinergia missions in the area of market research, technological innovation marketing, strategic positioning, business development, product marketing, etc. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our missions. Due to non disclosure agreements in place with our customers, we can't provide all the details on our missions and have anonymized them.

Sales Manager from a photovoltaic system manufacturer

" The data provided by INFINIERGIA are more actionnable than the big names of energy market research, they are fact-based and practical, we can directly use them into our operations."

Project Manager from a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) :

"We noticed the strong involvment of the consultants in the market research mission, their good knowledge of the fuel cell context helped them to point out the core issue related to our context."

Marketing Manager, energy solutions provider

"Infinergia has very well responded to our request to provide relevant and comprehensive datas in a very short time. The datas are immediately usable to start a business development action plan. The datas are trustworthy as we could find out from field returns. Their methodology is proven and effective".

Start-up incubator

"The qualitative field mission led by Infinergia was very satisfactory both in terms of execution and in terms of results. The approach was pragmatic and adapted to evolution of the startup."

Marketing Manager, fuel cell manufacturer

 "We appreciated the attentiveness of the consultants of Infinergia and their constant focus on meeting our expectations, even though the topic was of high complexity. Ultimately, the goal was reached, we now have a clear understanding of key parameters of our environment".

Business Unit Manager, specialized photovoltaic panel manufacturer

 "Infinergia has been proactive since the begining. We needed to develop on the European market and the methods deployed by Infinergia have helped to understand better the customer requests and how our offer was perceived and positioned against competitive solutions. The down to earth approach of Infinergia has allowed us to unfold a promotion and go-to-market plan in a record amount of time. Although we were mainly working with them remotely, the team was responsive and maintained permanent contact and provided regular activity status summaries. This allowed us to have a clear idea of the efforts unfolded and the return on our investments."

Managing Director, engineering services in semiconductors

"Infinergia has allowed us to gather an important number of potential customers but also to understand where our offer could be the most relevant. Their analysis of our ecosystem has unveiled partnership possibilities which we didn't think about at first. We won precious time and are now in a position to unfold our commercial offer very efficiently."

Product Manager of a system manufacturer for off-grid PV market

 "Infinergia team has quickly understood the constraints of our environment and proposed a smart research methodology to address them. We could integrate the results of the market survey into our operational plan very quickly too. We got results in due time and the overall quality of the deliverables was excellent."

CTO of a fabless semiconductor start-up during a due diligence

 "I've rarely seen such a level of investigation during a due diligence, it was thorough and very profesional. It was very pleasant working with Infinergia because we were in front of people who understand perfectly our business environment and its technical aspects."

CEO of a solar system manufacturer on a market survey

"Our technology is a key differentiator over low price offering from the emerging countries. We were pleasantly surprised by the extent of the information collected by Infinergia. This allowed us to understand our environment and competition exhaustively and strengthen our product positioning".