Our market research expertise on Clean Energy Technologies:

We focus on various technologies in the area of clean energy.

In the electricity generation area, we cover from "Micro or Milli Energies" (generating micro or milliwatts) such as Energy Harvesting from a thermal, kinetic or radio frequency source up to "Macro Energies" (generating watts, kilowatts or even megawatts) such as photovoltaics (PV) or fuel cells.

In the thermal energy area, we cover solar thermal or hybrid PVT (PhotoVoltaic & solar Thermal panels) and the systems converting thermal energy to electricity.

Finally, the also take into our perimeter the 2 missing links to manage these energies: the storage (electrochemical, heat or kinetic storage) and electronic systems (from components to full systems).

Autonomous systems is often the common denominator of markets associated with such technologies, whether they are small power (e.g. wireless sensor networks) or large power (autonomous telecom base station or mini-grids).

Via this transversal knowledge of technologies, we serve companies active in the field of components, complete systems or even installers and operators of such systems.