Autonomous systems and Off-grid system market intelligence and market research for photovoltaic and clean electricity generators

Market intelligence:

Infinergia has a deep expertise of off-grid markets. Off-grid is about any site or system able to produce electric energy without any connection to the electricity grid. Such solutions rely on clean electric generators like photovoltaic energy (mostly) but also wind, hydroelectric or bio-mass. Together with these renewable energies, we also have advanced battery technologies and fuel cells. Finally, as an "in-between model", there are also hybrid diesel/pv systems that help decreasing usage of fossil fuels.


Our competencies range from components: photovoltaic systems, fuel cells, battery banks (lead, nickel based or latest lithium technologies), power management systems to complete systems. We practised the various final markets of off-grid, from rural electrification to autonomous industrial systems, in both emerging and developped countries.


We have accumulated an important amount of information on each of these markets and compiled them at a national and international level. We segmented our market intelligence offer in the following domains:


Off-grid news and tender information:

We follow-up the off-grid market on an international basis and daily. We decided to provide an access to our tools and share some intelligence about this market via an information newsletter. It gathers both news and international tenders in english language.

Main advantages of this newsletter:

  1. You get information in time (useful for international tenders!) via a diffusion every monday
  2. You can't miss any information on the off-grid: we have a worldwide coverage of information sources (250 sources directly monitored, 3000 indirectly). We check websites of companies, international institutions, national institutions, press and in 5 of the most popular languages (english, french, german, spanish, portuguese)
  3. You get the right information: to the contrary of automated systems, we use a "semi-automatic" way of selecting the information via an experimented analyst that makes sure that only relevant news and tenders are included, that none has been forgotten and that continuously enriches the gathering of information.

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Off-grid photovoltaic installations World Map :

This map presents the latest available data on off-grid cummulative capacity in MW and over 95 countries worldwide. It provides a quick and summarized view on this market. We propose this product at an attractive price, please contact us for more details. You can also download more details about this product here below.



Off-grid PV macro-economical modeling on country dynamics:

After analyzing what parameter contribute or not to the dynamism of a given country with regards to the development of the off-grid PV market, we built a macro-economical model which allows to rank countries according to their development potential and on what approximate time frame. We call this model "MOG" for Macro-economical Off-Grid.

The MOG is particularly suited to companies wishing to unfold an international development plan by selecting countries according to their potential and maximise their return on investment.


Off-grid markets quantification:

We went into the details of each country off-grid photovoltaic market by investigating and quantifying each application of this market:

  • Domestic: Solar Home Systems or SHS, Solar lighting, etc.
  • Community: autonomous street lighting, mini-grid, water pumping, public buildings electricity, etc.
  • Agriculture: water pumping, off-grid installations,
  • Industrial systems: telecom base stations or other RF system, signaling, oil & gas (cathodic protection), defense (surveillance systems) or environment monitoring, etc.


We propose also custom market research on this fields, please contact us for a deeper discussion.