Our know-how:

Infinergia has a deep expertise regarding Off-Grid or Off-The-Grid (OTG) markets. Off-grid is a site or system able to produce and consume electric energy without any connection to the electricity grid. Such solutions can rely on fossil fuels (diesel generator sets "gensets" for example) or clean electricity generators like photovoltaic panels, wind or hydroelectric turbines or bio-mass. Besides the renewable energies, we also have advanced battery technologies and fuel cells. Finally, as an "in-between model", there are also hybrid diesel/pv systems that help decreasing usage of fossil fuels.

Our competencies range from components: photovoltaic systems, fuel cells, battery banks (lead, nickel based, redox or latest lithium technologies), power management systems to complete systems.

We cover all the various final markets of off-grid, from rural electrification to autonomous industrial systems, in both emerging and developped countries.

We have accumulated an important amount of information on each of these markets and compiled them at a national and international level.

As an illustration, we mapped the total installed off-grid photovoltaic capacity over 100 countries as shown below:

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